maria | a playlist of oldies, but goodies

I never thought listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac I would attach memories of Christmas time in Ottawa suffering at a dying Alex & Ani with my coworkers, but here we are.

This playlist is one I made in collaboration with my one of my dearest pals, Maria. Maria doesn’t hate my reggae, but mostly listens to oldies so we had to come up with something both of us could wear out at work and jam to and this is where it led us. Full of classics you can’t help but sing along to. Kind of weird to walk in to a jewelry store and see two young girls dancing to Eric Clapton and Billy Joel, but that’s just us.

I guarantee this playlist will put you in a good mood.

enjoy πŸ˜‰

my pal maria πŸ’—

Maria if you’re reading this, wherever you are, FaceTime me already you’re almost more difficult to reach than me. I love you and I miss you so much!! β™‘

β™‘ dreams // fleetwood mac

β™‘ escape (the piΓ±a colada song) // rupert holmes

β™‘ don’t worry be happy // bobby mcferrin

β™‘ change the world // eric clapton

β™‘ here comes the sun // the beatles

β™‘ brown eyed girl // van morrison

β™‘ africa // toto

β™‘ go your own way // fleetwood mac

β™‘ changes // david bowie

β™‘ piano man // billy joel

β™‘ september // earth, wind & fire

β™‘ you make my dreams // hall & oates

β™‘ rocket man // elton john

β™‘ american pie // don maclean

This is only nearly half of our playlist so you might just see a part two (probably will.) By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians!!

check out some of my other playlists:

see you in my next post!

xo, jenni β™‘


my confessions & somewhat unpopular opinions

I had this fun idea to write about my confessions and “unpopular opinions” (though I think some of you are silently thinking all of this sh*t too) after reading my friend Hunida’s (@hunidasblog) post yesterday about the most non-millenial things about her living as a millenial today. It was really funny and a breath of fresh air to know that not everyone is a bandwagoner-one of my pet peeves. So today I’m gonna share some of my ~vulnerable~ thoughts with you.

I prefer corded headphones over wireless/airpods.

One time while I was wearing AirPods, I took my hoodie off and flicked one pod into the oblivion only for it to be found under the couch two weeks later. My sister has also dropped her’s outside in the city when it was raining and lost her mind trying to find them because they’re literally $300… I’d rather deal with cords being ripped out of my head by a doorknob than have my music die on me halfway through a walk. Thankyouverymuch. Besides, I think I fry my brain enough by reefing as it is. πŸ˜‰

I believe we’d all be better off without social media, like without without it, not those useless “detox breaks”

(I realize this one is never going to happen, though)

I think there’s too much focus on body image and not enough focus on introspection and focusing on being a better human from the inside out

We are more than just skin and bone – looks don’t last forever so love and nurture the parts of you that do.

(but continue to wear sunscreen and moisturize please, for the love of all things holy)

I think the trend of hiking your bikini bottoms/shorts up to the gods isn’t doing anyone any figure flattering favours

I just think it looks really ridiculous and like your ass is ten miles long (and it makes it look flatter actually.) – unless you’re going for a Kathy Smith/Tammy Lee Webb work-out wear moment- I’ll make an exception for that lewwwwk

I sometimes feel like mental health has been reduced to a trend/trendy topic and that “having a conversation” about mental health and putting the national suicide prevention line in your bio is worse than doing nothing for mental health/people who struggle with mental illnesses

It does not equate to you actually giving a rat’s begonia about mental health (unless you’re obviously someone that cares about the cause and has something to contribute of value and not redundant advice that everyone has heard a million times before)

I’m really tired of hearing “sis” I feel like most people use it in a condescending way

but then again I’m someone who says “pop off” in every possible context……

I think Billie Eilish is great, but extremely overrated

As much as I love the series “Friends” I don’t think it’s monumental comedy….

what’s really hilarious is season one of Schitt’s Creek, or Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ab Fab, and Arrested Development. (The Office isn’t the only good dry humour out there.)

I actually really enjoy broccoli and always have.

maybe because it looks a lot like weed….who knows…

and I do think it’s a bit insulting to put ketchup on someone’s homemade mac and cheese

(I think that I get that from my mom yelling that at my dad for defiling her homemade mac and cheese with Heinz lol)

new, big, or manufactured β‰ Β nice, classy, modern or fancy

what happened to craftsmanship and design? cookie cutter is boring.

I am totally one of those people that thinks you should know about a band before you go around wearing their merch/band tees because it looks cool

….but only because I’m a huge music fanatic and it sucks seeing your favourite actually talented artists that make their own music be reduced to a trendy teeshirt without looking into the music itself…then again free promo?

oyyyy I sound like one of thoooose people. I’m really not that triggered by this one, don’t worry lol.

I think cancel culture is toxic and cringey and people have thrown self-awareness and accountability out with the bathwater

I don’t understand people’s obsession with Rex Orange County

he’s good, but the music isn’t profound (in my opinion)

I think a lot of people like to march a lot these days but won’t actually go the distance – and that’s all I’m gonna say about that, lol.

Wow, I feel like I got a lot off of my chest here, lol. Then again, it kind of frightened me how fast these opinions started coming out of me once I started typing. Am I a little jaded? Yeah.. always have been. This is obviously all in good fun, though and these are just my OPINIONSSSSSSS. So remember to take everything with a grain of salt. The world isn’t out to get you and everyone’s OPINIONSSSS aren’t always about you so it’s only personal if you make it personal. That being said, I hope no one’s actually offended

If everyone was the same the world would be a boring place. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I said what I said.

Thank you so much for reading my rant, I hope you at least found it mildly entertaining. I appreciate your support so much, it means the world to me. β™‘

peace & luv

xo, jenni β™‘

10 teeny bop movies that soothed my 14 yr old soul

…and still soothe my 20 year old soul today, quite frankly.

Ah, movies. A familiar lover of mine.

Film has always been an escape for me and I know, how the hell would I know anything about film when I’m about to list the most basic teen girl movies of the century. You’re right. I don’t know anything about film. All I know is Amanda Bynes really knows how to portray my 14 year old self’s vision of “living your best life” and that speaks to me to this day.

Here’s why:

All the movies I loved as a teen make me want to chase my dreams again. They are the chicken noodle soup for my achey breaky 90s baby/2000s kid soul. 2000s movies are akin to comfort food for me. That being said, I do like to think I live in the present moment. At least, that’s what I’m doing the self-work on the most these days. I don’t believe we should ever really have to escape our lives. However, I do believe it’s important to nourish our creative/child-like self. Also life sh*ts on you sometimes and all you wanna do is eat cake and recover. And so, I present to you (not my top ten, but when I remember more you best believe I’ll make another list) ten teeny bop movies that will get you in all of the feels.

(warning: you may end up with the strong urge to get blue streaks in your hair and a henna tattoo #soznotsoz)


the iconic movie poster at least one of your friend’s had hanging in their bedroom.

Before Chanel Oberlin we had Claire, and they are polar opposites. Though I do love Chanel, I have to say Claire wins on this one. This movie is the reason I even started listing to Weezer, God bless Aquamarine. I think the earliest memory I have of watching this movie was at my childhood best friend’s house on her portable DVD player. OMG. Do you remember those?

This movie is in my opinion: a classique.

….and also the reason I probably learned at an early age to comfort myself by emotionally eating. All that aside, I remember this movie coming out and watching it like 400 times after that. It was my perfect vision of teenage-hood.

Can we also talk about the fact that Jojo was acting in this film? What’s Jojo doing these days?

mean girls

I really do not need to explain why this legend is on the list.


I really don’t need to explain this one either.

i c o n i c.

what a girl wants

Ooh boy. This movieeeeeeeeeee you guys.

This is one that I watched religiously as a tween.

I’m serious I have always had trouble falling asleep in dead quiet (My thoughts are too loud sometimes) and this movie was my white-noise machine.

Explains a lot considering I haven’t let go of the 2000s.

I’m probably never going to, honestly.

Early Amanda Byne’s is such a mood from the Amanda show to Easy A. She’s not afraid to dress up and be a girl, but is so down to earth and hilarious. I really hope your doing well these days, Amanda. β™‘

confessions of a teenage drama queen

another iconic movie poster

I distinctly remember the first time I ever watched this movie. It was a at a sleepover at my friends house when we were all about 6 or 7. We all were piled in front of the TV on our sleeping bags. The Memories. :’)

This is one of those movies that stuck with me forever after watching it. (Who am I kidding they all did.) I just wanted to be as cool as Lola and wear a bottle cap necklace and be obsessed with a band. Of course I had no idea what the hell was happening because the storyline was a little to ahead of baby me and my 6 yr old brain.

I mean not to spoil it, but how was I not supposed to blank information when Lola finds out her beloved idol is actually a drunk degenerate rock star. I didn’t understand what’s happening, but thats fine all I cared about were the outfits.

Un-ironically I liked all of the costumes in the 2000s. I realize how gaudy and awful this one is but don’t lie to me you wanted to wear that hot pink and orange tube top/flare pant combo. I see you.

sydney white

Ah, another Amanda Bynes classic this movie is sooo cute! Sara Paxton makes a reappearance as the mean girl in the movie and she nails that role.

she’s the man

LAWDY, she is hilarious-which is why I put her on this list so much (her movies were probably my favourite). This movie also has Channing Tatum-need I say more?

the perfect man

This movie is classic H-Duff-I love it. Also the acting is great, I think they did a great job casting!

a cinderella story

Could they have actually gotten married IRL and had babies???? I loved them in this movie. So classic, so cute.

the lizzie mcguire movie

I remember sweating it out in my bedroom to ‘Hey Now’ like a million bajillion times until I was red in the face and knew all of the words. All I wanted in life was a shiny obnoxious outfit and a twin of myself to perform with. This movie (well all of them) brings on some serious old Disney energy and I’m here for it.


I hope you enjoyed this post it’s really fun for me to talk about my guilty pleasures and all of my fav things-as random as they may be. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. I plan on doing endless useless posts rambling about my favourite things and reminiscing on my childhood days. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

until next time,

xo, jenni β™‘

milk & coffee | a playlist for crisp fall mornings

Some vibey jams to listen to while you make all the fall foods and drink all the pumpkin spice lattes.

enjoy xo

β™‘ hiccup // verzache

β™‘ only in the west // yeek

β™‘ milk & coffee // noMBe

β™‘ find my way // khai dreams, atwood

β™‘ your soul // forrest., biskwiq

β™‘ strangers // biosphere, CIKI, chris wright, love-sadkid

β™‘ goodie bag // still woozy

β™‘ cherry cola // kuwada

β™‘ through and through // khai dreams

β™‘ 24 / 7 / 365 // surfaces

β™‘ lately // forrest., biskwiq, ryce

I hope you guys are enjoying these playlist/music related posts! Let me know in the comments what your favourite song from this mix is! Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me!!

peace & luv

xo, jenni β™‘

4 a-beauty brands that deserve more love

Australia is home to some of the most kick-ass and innovative brands out there and today we’re going to show some love to the world of a-beauty!

I love Australia. You guys probably already know this if you read my blog consistently. I seriously never shut up about Australia and my Frank Body skincare. There’s a reason why I never stop talking about either. Australia just seems to know what is UP when it comes to beauty and skincare, hence the name: a-beauty.

Heres the thing you need to know about a-beauty, it’s centred around native Australian ingredients, for the most part, and made/distributed there. Something I love about the Aussie lifestyle is how laidback they are, and they seem to take the same approach to skincare. No worries, mate. πŸ™‚

Now let’s dive in already

4 a- beauty brands that deserve more love

Now, of course there are many other beautiful a-beauty brands out there, I’m sure. However, I’m only ever going to speak to you from my own experience with products I’ve actually tried. These brands are precious gems that I have discovered and they seriously need more love, so that’s why I am choosing to focus on only four. πŸ™‚

1: frank body

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

If you thought I was gonna go one post without talking about Frank Body, well I’m sorry you have to hear about it again, but I’m also not sorry. I LOVE Frank. Frank combines two of my favourite things: coffee and skincare.

I own almost all of their products and I love each and every one of them. That’s pretty freaking unreal if you think about it. I won’t let Frank hog the spotlight here, but only because I review it so often! Check out my latest Frank Body review here. You’ll see why I love it so much, I’m sure.

2: go-to

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It’s in the name. This brand will be your go-to. I will be honest I’ve only tried one thing from go-to; HOWEVER, that one product rocked my world and put every other product they have on my wishlist. Face Hero is their most popular product and I can see why, it literally erases dryness and redness overnight. I don’t even know how to explain it, but my skin is weeping thank you’s every time I put it on. Check out my review of Face Hero here. This brand is so luxury for like half the price. (It’s by NO means cheap, but if you know a thing or two about skincare, this stuff is affordable!)

3: sand & sky

Who doesn’t love a good clay mask, honestly. I love a mask that I can feel it working it’s magic. Sand & Sky is the king of clay masks. Australian PINK clay masks to be exact. If you have oily/combo skin I think you will fall in love with their products even deeper than I did. They also have a scrub, but I have yet to try it! Check out my review of their iconic pink clay mask here.

4: sukin

Now this is affordable luxury skincare. Sukin is amazing! You can probably find it at your local health food store, that’s where I purchase mine. I think I’ve actually known about Sukin longer than any of the other brands I’ve mentioned! I have dry, sensitive type skin and Sukin has never ever upset my skin. I’m currently using their everyday face moisturizer and oooh HONEY. It smells like lemon cookies, I’m serious. Not to mention, a little goes a long way. I remember this product lasting me a looong time. Their products are deeply moisturizing, but never greasy. They also pride themselves on having NO nasties (Much like the other brands I have mentioned). So if you’re a conscious consumer, have no fear, Sukin only contains the good stuff!

That’s it for today guys, just a quick little shoutout to all my favourite Australian skincare brands. I just want to share all of this skincare goodness with you guys! Thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting and just all around showing your support. I already feel like I have a small community here on WordPress and it honestly warms my heart so much. I love you guys.

Until next time,

xo, jenni β™‘

5 ways to practice mindfulness today

As I get older, the more I realize what things are truly important in life.

I remember when my biggest worries were what after school snack I was going to eat and calling my mom a million times on the fax machine in the school office just to ensure I wasn’t going to be stranded in the soccer field.

Ah, today’s kids will never know. (they have phones now)


I felt a so old for a twenty year old yesterday when I was sitting in Tim Horton’s. Sometimes I feel like I have more in common with old people than I do with people closer to my own age. I can confirm I definitely do after people watching in Tim’s yesterday. Call me a weirdo, but it’s hard not to overhear a bunch of teenage girls cackling in a coffee shop. Everyone eavesdrops. If you want to feel out of touch with today’s youth do some people watching, seriously. Though if I hadn’t sat in Timmies for two hours killing time, I would have missed out on seeing so many cute dogs, running into a familiar face, and laughing to myself at the intense conversations about hockey cards and jelly donuts the two boys next to me were having. When I take the time to just be in the moment, I find I get so many ideas. I feel like I’m connecting to the energy around me and it’s surging energy right back through me. Maybe that’s the highly sensitive empath in me, but I’m feeling it, man. Being mindful and living in the present has allowed my creativity to go into full bloom. Where do you think I get all these random post ideas?

I’m telling you, if you’re not trying your very best everyday to live in the present moment, you are sleeping on life itself. Sleeping while you’re awake, if you will.

Wake up! It’s time to realize life is happening right now.

Here are 5 easy, practical ways to implement mindfulness in your everyday life. This is for everyone. People who have never meditated, people who meditate everyday for 5 hours, people who think they’re mindful, people who don’t know how to be mindful, and people who need a reminder to be more mindful.

That was a lot of mindful’s…let’s dive into it, shall we?

read a book

I mentioned back in my current reads for September 2019 post that I watched a really great video by Max Joseph titled:

BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content

In the video he interviews Dr. Ruth J. Simmons and she makes some amazing points. She mentions how today a lot of people seem to like to do things on the fly, but you can’t read a book on the fly. She describes reading as an act of forced meditation, which I love. I think sometimes we do need a bit of forced meditation in order to actually slow down. By read a book I mean this time actually read a real live book. Put down Audible and your kindle for a day and feel the pages of a well loved book. I’m currently rereading Harry Potter and after not reading any fiction in literally years I felt the magic. Sometimes reading is like watching a really good movie except in book form it lasts so much longer. If you want to slow down time dive into a really good book, you will soon feel like it’s just you and the world your reading about. If it’s not fiction it’s you and the words, you can actually focus on what you might be learning.

Read a book, read 70, I totally recommend it.

wash the dishes with no music

I’m all about the “forced meditation”. Sometimes it’s just what we need. To slow down and just take it all in. For those of us with anxiety, meditation and mindfulness can sound like a joke at the beginning. Trust me, I feel you. I often feel like I can never turn my brain off, but since I’ve really taken mindfulness seriously in the last 6 months it’s transformed my incessant negative self-talk into creative ideas and deep thoughts to ponder on. I know that sounds soooo lame, but I’m not joking! I feel like I’ve been on a creative roll that never ends.

Try doing the dishes sans music, by yourself. You might just get your next book idea.

cook and eat a meal alone

I always say that cooking is a therapeutic thing for me and it totally is. If you want to completely step into the present and force yourself to get off your phone make some food! Tasty food is always more interesting anyway. If you pick a recipe (I have a couple yummy and easy ones!!) and commit to it rather than slapping together a microwave burrito feast you will not only be full, but have leftovers, nutrition in your body and you’ll feel soooo much more satisfied with yourself. Mindful cooking is a whole experience. I find I have some of my best ideas when it’s just me and some chopped carrots.

make something

Create something.

A blog post, work on a book you want to write, a painting, a drawing, some music, write a song. Wherever your creativity blooms, go there. Sometimes being in your zone doing your favourite thing and just making art to make art, is the most meditative mindful experience. I always feel this way when I get really into writing and crank out like 5 posts in one go. Same as when I’m seriously in my element and working on a painting. If you have a project you can always go back to, even better.

people watch

This sounds boring, but honestly it’s much more entertaining than you would expect. I feel like you can actually learn a lot about yourself by observing the natural tendencies of other human beings. It brings your attention into the world around you. There is inspiration everywhere; if you look up you might just see them walking right by you.


Well lovelies, that wraps up my 10th blogtober post! I am so proud I’ve stuck to it and I plan on sticking to it the whole month. I hope you are enjoying all of my different content. Have a wonderful day! β™‘

until next time,

xo, jenni β™‘

vegan lemon-tahini crispy chick’n salad

I present to you:

the vegan lemon-tahini crispy chick’n salad

This recipe is healthy, fresh, & full of nutrition! It’s great for lunch, dinner, or whenever you have the munchies. This salad is packed with protein. It’s a lot better than inhaling multiple bags of Old Dutch dillies or an entire chocolate cake. Especially if you’re baked and aren’t putting a lot of thought or effort into the nutrition of your meals.

You guys, this salad is SO GOOD. I am so proud of this one. I’m literally eating it as I write this. I did not want to forget about this masterful on-the-fly creation. It’s one of those risky recipes that you already know before you even make it that it’s gonna be bomb as hell. I hope you love it as much as I do!

prep time: 5-10 minutes

cook time: 30 minutes

**note: this could totally be another lazy jenni recipe if you prep the lettuce and make the salad dressing ahead of time!!**

you will need:

  • 1 head of romaine lettuce
  • 6 vegan chick’n strips (I use the brand Gardein in the chipotle lime flavour-ugh so good!!)
  • 3-6 tbsp’s of hemp hearts
  • 2/3 cup of pumpkin seeds

This dressing is one of my fav’s from my Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon!

for the dressing:

  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • 1/4 cup of tahini
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp’s of nutritional yeast
  • 1-2 tbsp’s of water
  • 1/4 tsp of fine grain sea salt (or to taste)


1 – place chik’n strips on tin foil and follow cooking instructions as package directs

2 – wash and pat-dry lettuce

3 – break up lettuce into smaller bite-sized pieces. (It’s okay if the lettuce isn’t totally dry since the dressing has water in it already)

4 – add in 3 tbsp of the lemon-tahini dressing to the salad

MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN. I hope I need not say this but, wash your hands with warm soapy water then rinse and dry.

5 – massage the dressing into the salad making sure all of the lettuce is covered

6 – add in desired amounts of pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and any other toppings you desire

these are the brands I use!

while you wait for the chik’n strips to cook, take this opportunity to clean up your kitchen space and wipe off the bowl (unless you’re transferring the salad to a different bowl.)

7 – take chik’n strips out oven oven/toaster oven

8 – slice chik’n into fancy slanty pieces

9 – mix chick’n into salad

10 – add on any other of your favourite sauces

11 – enjoy !!

You guys know much I love Frank Body, but when it comes to food I also love Frank…

Franks RedHot Sauce that is!

Let me know if you try out this recipe! It is seriously so bomb, you won’t regret it!

until next time,

xo, jenni β™‘